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About us

Treating with a Mission is an independent association aiming to provide developmental aid targeted at Kenyan Mission Hospitals by sending medical equipment and training the local hospital staff. The initiative originated at Poznan University of Medical Sciences, and at the moment involves 70 students from different medical courses cooperating with polish doctors.
This year we will be volunteering at our Kenyan partner hospitals for the fourth time. Basing on our previous experience we created 14 specialised medical projects that in our opinion will reflect the needs of Kenyan patients and the hospitals.

The biggest problem of healthcare system in Kenya is the insufficient number of medical staff combined with the lack of adequate equipment and medications. Specialists’ care practically does not exist outside of the capital and the number of doctors per inhabitant is 11 times lower compared to Poland.
Our partner hospitals are located far away from the major agglomerations and are often the only place where people from neighbouring locations can look for help. The fate of thousands of patients depends on the quality of the equipment and the abilities of local doctors. This is the reason why we mostly focus on supporting this kind of hospitals.


Equipment Shipping

Our main purpose is to provide Kenyan hospitals with basic medical equipment. The equipment we're giving out is donated by Polish hospitals, our partner organizations and private donors. During three previous editions of our project we sent over 15 tons of valuable equipment, such as ultrasound machine, cardiomonitors, a dental unit, surgical tools, modern delivery beds and hospital beds.

Those appliances have dramatically changed the quality of diagnostic and therapeutic activities in Kenyan hospitals and made doctors' work much more simple and efficient. Apart from sending medical equipment, we also prepare complex training for the hospital staff showing how to use it and how it can help them every day.

The experience from the last year showed us that the equipment that works best in extreme conditions surprisingly is the older, less complicated and more reliable one that will last long without conservation and replacement parts. If you are able and willing to help us by donating some equipment like that - we encourage you to contact us. We'll be more than happy to take care of all logistic and legal aspects.


Support Us

It is Your generosity that will enable us to further learn and bring the smiles to thousands of Kenyan faces. The estimated cost of our doings is 270.000 PLN, so even the smallest amount of money will be of invaluable importance. We thank you in advance for your kindness and trust.

Most needed are disposable medical accessories, surgical, gynecological and neonatological equipment. If you wish to help us by donating equipment, please c ontact us. We will happily take care of all the legal and logistic issues.

Extending patronage to ‘Treat with Mission’ is taking under your wing a valuable project which would leave a mark both on Poland and on Africa. We eagerly encourage you to take this step, as we are certain it is worth the effort.

For companies which will choose a long-term support of ‘Treatment with Mission’, we prepared a special sponsoring offer. We believe that your generosity and engagement deserve larger acknowledgement and distinction.


We kindly ask to direct donations to our bank account:
43 1140 2004 0000 3302 7721 5936
Stowarzyszenie Leczymy z Misją, ul. Rokietnicka 4, 60-806 Poznań

Project's Administration

Piotr Filberek


+48 793 013 937

Jan Niziński

Vice Chairman, Finances and Key Partners

+48 669 749 425

Marcin Kiszka

Vice Chairman, International Cooperation and Medical Equipment

+48 504 081 718

Natalia Krawczyk

General Secretary

+48 661 594 884

Michał Wajs


+48 723 934 418

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