Girls Will Be Girls, Boys Will Be Boys
Health education

Every month Kenyan schoolgirls are missing at least 4 days of school, due to menstruation embarrassment – that’s 20% of the whole school year time. Our aim is to fight this shame, and support these girls.

The project of medical education – Girls Will Be Girls, was created to provide training for teenage girls who, in addition to information on the anatomy and physiology of the menstrual cycle, are also provided with hygienic products. We are also talking with young Kenyans about the physiological foundations of pregnancy and gynecological education, with particular emphasis on the importance of performing preventive examinations.

We try to make our meetings as intimate as possible, to provide space for casual conversation and create opportunities to ask questions which often seem difficult and embarrassing for teenagers. So far, over 1300 young Kenyans have been involved in our meetings, and this year we intend to expand the project and invite adolescent boys to participate. Boys will Be Boys will cover the anatomy and physiology of puberty.

We will also be conducting workshops to tackle topics of reproductive health, self-awareness, coping with aggression and stress, and prevention of violence.

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Project coordinator

Maria Buda

Project members

Justyna Aleksandrzak, Pola Dębowska

Support members

Katarzyna Boros, Natalie Górna, Dominik Kobylarek

Lekarz konsultant

Jestem Poważnym Lekarzem

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