Heart of Kenya
ECG and cardiovascular disease prevention

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that about 17.5 million people worldwide die every year due to cardiovascular diseases. About 75% of these deaths affect developing countries, which includes Kenya. At local hospitals, there is a shortage of equipment and trained staff to carry out basic procedures, such as an ECG. Instead, patients are sent to distant referral centers and incur very high costs. This results in significant delays before a diagnosis is made whereas, in many cases, early intervention can save lives.

The volunteers on this project want to extend and improve the quality of life of patients by training hospital staff and providing the necessary equipment. They aim to introduce ECG examinations and the basics of echocardiography. A further focus is supplying training on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. This project also facilitates the use of telemedicine – allowing Kenyan doctors to benefit from the expertise of cardiology specialists, of whom there is a shortage in Kenya.

Project coordinator

Anna Piekarska

Project members

Antoni Zdrojewski, Grażyna Zweifler, Paulina Donicz, Małgorzata Gackowska, Ania Płotek, Monika Serkowska, Klementyna Kępińska, Kasia Fraś

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