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About us

Treating with a Mission is an independent association, whose aim is to provide development aid to Kenyan hospitals by shipping medical equipment and conducting workshops for the personnel. Treating with a Mission is a unique project made up of medical, dentistry, midwifery, optometry students and doctors. We’ve started as a student society at the Poznan University of Medical Sciences and thanks to the passionate involvement of its members, it evolved into a sub project of the foundation we’ve been working with at the time and then into an independent association focusing on the improvement of the quality of medical care in the countries of the Global South, as well as training and mobilisation of the medical sciences’ students from all over Poland.

In 2018 throughout the course of three months we’ve sent 61 volunteers, including 18 doctors, a physiotherapist, 2 optometrists, dental hygienist and medical, dentistry and midwifery students. They were working on 13 different, specialized medical projects, which were created on the basis of our experience and medical guidelines so that they cover the most important and real needs of Kenyan patients.

The biggest issue of medical care in Kenya is the lack of qualified personnel and shortage of functioning equipment and drugs. Specialist care is almost non-existent outside country’s capital, Nairobi, and the number of doctor per capita is 11 times smaller compared to Poland. Hospitals which we cooperate with are placed far from big cities and many times are the only places where people living nearby can seek medical help. All of the above are reasons why the help is so crucial for the wellbeing of a substantial number of patients and why we decided to focus our work on them.

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from 8 medical universities
tons of medical equipment
sent to Kenya in a course of three editions
ophtalmic and optometric examinations
on top of that, the patients were given glasses matched according to their defect and eye drops
dental procedures
conservative, periodontal, maxillofacial

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In order to carry out our project to its full potential, we need immense support, including financial. It is your generosity that allows us to to send the equipment, organise workshops and provide help in Kenya. Every (even the smallest!) donation will take us a step closer to our goal. We would like to thank you in advance for your kindness and trust.

The experience we’ve gathered from previous years taught us that the most suitable is the equipment that is simple, uncomplicated and reliable, which will last a long time in harsh conditions. If you are able to help us through equipment donation- please contact us. In return we will try to take care of all the legal and logistical aspects.

To bestow the patronage on Treating with a Mission means to support a valuable project which will leave a mark in both Poland and Kenya. It is a support of young people, who do not fear demanding more and more from oneself and whose dream is to save lives. We kindly invite you to work with us- we are convinced it is really worth it.

With an intention to show our gratitude with a special distinction to the companies that decide on long term support of Treating with a Mission we’ve prepared an exclusive sponsorship offer. We believe that your generosity and involvement deserve unique recognition. If you would like to hear more about it, we will be grateful for the contact.

Equipment shipping

One of the main goals of our association is to provide our partner hospitals with basic medical equipment. We’ve received donations from polish hospitals, organizations and private donors. During the last three editions we’ve managed to send over 15 tons of valuable medical equipment, f.ex. ultrasound machines, cardiomonitors, dental unit, surgical tools and modern delivery beds.

The equipment we’ve send meaningfully changed the quality of diagnostic and therapeutic actions in our partner hospitals and also eased and improved the work of the doctors employed there. Apart from shipping the equipment we also provide comprehensive training for the personnel in its use and we try to show how in a simple way can it be implemented in their daily activities.

The experience we’ve gathered from previous years taught us that in Kenyan conditions the most suitable is the equipment that is reliable, which will last a long time in harsh conditions without maintenance and spare parts. If you are able to help us through equipment donation – please contact us. We will happily take care of all the legal and logistical aspects.


Photos: Jacek Mójta